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Brian "1ST UP" Staples is a producer, sound engineer, and the CEO of LiveWire Entertainment.

Born and raised in Greensboro,NC. "1ST UP" has always had an innate passion for music, especially Hip Hop. He initially began his music career as a rapper at the age of 24. After growing tired of paying studio costs to record and buy tracks, 1ST UP began to chanel his energy into creating his own recording studio.

In March 2005, using his technical background and love of music, "1ST UP" partnered with close friend, hip hop artist Nhy "Al-E-Baba" Smith, to establish LiveWire Entertainment. 1ST UP's attention then turned from rapping to mainly recording and producing and has since engineered for "Tynitty" of Infamous South and "Freekey Zeekey" of "the Diplomats", also known as "730 Dipset". He currently engineers and produces for a number of other artists. His beats have been described as organic, electric, smooth, and so forceful that it pushes an artist to think outside the box !

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